The EA.Gen.Hub is a Windows Service that processes Sparx Enterprise Architect change events on the server. Specifically, it replicates changes between repositories optionally applying status and type filters for Current/Target state and stakeholder views to replace time-consuming manual export/import when domain teams need to work independently of a central Architecture function. All Events are processed in the background and does not effect client or server performance.

  • Background replication of changes in realtime when objects are updated in the source repository.
  • Batch replication of all objects that may not have been updated directly through the Enterprise Architect client, including initial load of new routes and new repositories.
  • Execution of trigged server workflows to handle background activities such as change-request impact, metrics, build triggers and document updates.
  • Event forwarding via Kafka
  • Workflow editing using Windows Workflow Foundation editor

The Hub uses the tried and trusted EA.Gen.Model Entity Framework library for data access to Sql/Server, Oracle and native eap files (though not recomended).






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